2023 Nominated Channels

Full List of 2023 CBCA Nominated Channels

#blamephable and his amazing friends

1st and keys

2 cool guys 2 hot picks

2 Fat Guys Pull List

2 Nerd Dads


2Gun Pedro

3 Good Nerds

3 Men in a Basement

3 Men in a Basement Comic Swap

360 comics

6th element of Hip Hop

A Comic Bookworm

A Comic Bookworm - Meet the Collector series

A-1 Comics

Absolute Game of Nerds

Action Figure Comedy

Actua Dracula

Actual Dracula "Casual Dracula"

Alex the Comic Hoarder

AlextheComicHoarder - Foundational comics

All Ego Ethan Page

All Stars Podcast - ComicPop Returns

Amazing Collected Show - Big Herm Collectibles

Anachronic Comics

Anachronic Comics - The Comics My Mom Let Me Keep

Anachronic Comics, Comic Book Crowd

Anachronic Comics, Espresso Mail Call



Artist Series - MadSpidey

Ash on Comics


At Weeks End - Legion of Comics

Aussie Comic Book Collector


Austin Lemme

Automatic Comics

Bearded Comic Bro

Bearded Comic Bro - Name That Character

Beauty Comics

Ben Harvey

Ben Parker Comics

Benny the Collector

Berkfamily 54

Best Comics of (Month) - Pop Culture Philosophers and panel

Between the Lines - Rosko & TM Nerdy

Beyond Wednesday's

Big Herm Collectables

Big Lion Cat 646

Bigby McFly the Comic Guy

Bizarbara Breaks

Black Comic Lords / Series: An interview with...

Blake and Cole Read a Book

Blakes Buzz

Blakk Crown Comics

Blamephable and his amazing friends

Bleeker St Comics

Bleeker St. Comics (Slab or Not To Slab)

Bobbi Catalano

Bobby De La Ghetto

Bottom Tier Collector


Breakfast With Brian: Brian LCS

Brian - LCS

Bronze Age Nerd

Bronze and Modern Gods

Bronzeville Comics

Brother Jo

Bruce & Stephanie Comics


Bry's Comics

Bryan McClay

Bryan Silverbax

Bub's Comics


C list Villains Podcast

Camcorder Nonsense

Captain Strangelife Comics & Collectibles

Carlonbass Comix

Carlos Collects Comics (Giveaway show)

Cartoonist Kayfabe

Cash Cow Occupation LLC


Casually Comics - Sasha

CatFan Comics Man

CatFan ComicsMan Daily Comic And Collectible

Cerebral Comics

Chad Hardin

Chad RCG

Chaos and Comics

Cheap Comic Collector

Chicago Schultzy

Chip Gettler - White Shadow

ChopnDrop 2013

Chris Cawse!

Chris Loves Comics

CMS Comic Vet

Coffee and Cosplay with Madam

Cole Collects

Cole's Comic Claims

Coles Comic Claims Bearded and Coles Challenges

Collecting Casually

Collecting Weekly

Collecting with Derrz

Collecting with Derrz Friday Positivity

Colossus Collector

Comic Addicts with Svaughn 82

Comic Art Live

Comic Book Cannon

Comic Book Club

Comic Book Corner 2.0

Comic Book Drip Doggy

Comic Book Investments

Comic Book vs The World

Comic Book Poser

Comic Burrito

Comic Chiropractor

Comic Collectables with Rex and John (The Exp_The Experience)

Comic Collector Club - the immortal biggieshaq

Comic Collector Geek

Comic Doctor

Comic Culture

Comic Culture Nick at Night

Comic Drake


Comic Haulics

Comic Haulics Top 5 Keys Community Tag video

Comic Journey

Comic Journey Insomniac Theater

Comic Journey Strikes Back

Comic Khans Podcast

Comic Kingpins

Comic Kingpins - Previously On!

Comic Kingpins - Show Me Your Hauls

Comic Kingpins - The Retro Spec

Comic Mag Musings

Comic Man Andy

Comic Ozzi

Comic Tom 101

Comic Tom And Gem Mint Top 10 Best Selling

Comic Watch

Comic Collector Geek

Comic Collector Geek Cover Challenge

ComicBookStache for best mustache



Comic Head 84


ComicLad Simon


Comics and Chaos

Comics and Crosses

Comics are Dope

Comics by Perch

Comics By The Bay

Comics Curing Cancer

Comics Explained

Comics MATTER w/Ya Boi Zack

Comics Today Regie Collects

Comics Will Break Your Heart

Comics with Bueller




CoMo Comic Books

Compleat Comics


Cookey Shop - SandzGroup Collectibles

Couchin & Slouchin with CBizzle

Cover Slingers Showdown - thegreyman (and friends)

CovrPrice Top 10 - Lords of the Long box

Cranky Comic Chat

Cranky Comic Review

Crossover Comics

Cryo Prime

Cup O' Comics

Cupcakes Comic Reviews

Dale of Suspense Comics and Collectibles

Dan de la Torre

Dani Girl Comics and Collectibles

Dave Bratton

David Finch

David’s Comics And Wrestling

Deviant Apple

Digger Jim 720

DJ Linx

DJ Linx "In the Mix"

Doctor Von Hoot Comics From The Spiral Dimension

Dragon Ink Comics

Drahcir Comics and Things

DT Geek Show

Dylan's Horror Show

earl grey

Econ: Speechless

economics in comics

Eman's World of Geek

Empyre Comics

Entropy In Comics

Eric “the stache” Durrance


ETA Nick

Evil Lair Projects & Builds

Evil's Comics

Evolutionary Comics

Fanboy Prime

Fanboys Live and the retro review ( rotating channels)



Fartist feature kpop_junki

Felix Comic Art

Ferdbird TheNerd

Fishcat Collectibles

Flash By Knight Comics

Flix and Comix

Flying L Comics

For the Love of Comics

Four Color Fossils - Graphic Man

Franchise Kicks

Fred Hall Direct Edition

Free Key Loowee

Free Key Loowee Saturday Night Loowee

Friends with issues comic book issues

Funhouse Comics and Collectibles

Future Past Vintage Collectables

Gabe's Cave

Gary B the Casual Comic Book Guy

Gary B The Casual Comic Guy Savage Saturday Comic Review

Gary B The Casual Comic Guy 10-1-1


Gathering of the Geeks

Geek Out with Rosko

Geeks Unleashed

Gem Mint Collectibles


Go Figure Reviews


Gore Vidal

Grantz Comics

Graphic Man

Graphic Policy

Green Shirt Guy (Council of Comics)


Guess That Key - Sector 2815




Hoarders Hide

Hobby Hero

House of Stein


Ignacio Di Meglio

Immaculate Comics

Impressive Pressing Service

Improve Collecting Comics

In the Hot Seat with the Usual Suspects - Gary B The Casual Comic Guy

Indie Comics & Reviews - Lorenzo

Indie Key Comics

Infinity Flux Comics

Island Boy Manuel

It's Simply Super with SuperRus 9000 and SimpleSimon

It’s Druken Chat Son

IzzyVerseNYC Comics

J2 from The Low Grades - Mustache

Jack Leddington

Jacob Comics

Jared Osborne

Jason Dube

Jean Malo

Jeffery Rusnock

Jeffrey Edwards Illustrations

Jerno’s Comics & Pop Culture

Jerry the Jitterbug Comic Book Collector

J Hood Comics

Jiggs Kingdom

Jim Comics

Jim Rugg

Jimmy G. Comic Guy


John Stout

John's Comics with Kids

Johnny 5alive

Joseph Michaels (The Adventurous Joe)

Journey Into Legends

JP's Budget Collecting

JustA Rican And His Comics

Just Your Average Geeks

Ka-pow! Comics

Karen's Pages

Keep It Comics

Keep it THORO Comics

Kens Comic Book Channel

Keynote Comics

Kids Draw Comics

Know Good Comic

Kollecting Kaos


Kyle Irving

Kyle Northrop

Lady Fantastic

LahRasa - YouTube

Larry’s Library

Lascruces 1971

Last Week Today - Philtastic Comics & Art

Lee From Whack Comics

Legion of Comics

Legion of Comics Community Hangout


Liberty Hill Comics and Cards

Lisa Noble

Loading the Canon

Lords of the Longbox

Lost'n Comics

Lost'n Comics -Top 3 Comics of the Week

Love and Comics - Philtastic Comics and Art

Lunch Money Comics

M.O.N. Comics

Maccoy culture

Madam Blaster

Maddogg Comics

MadHouse Comics


Magic Lasso

Magic Lasso - New Additions Series


Manny the Hobgloblin Collector

Marc Spector Comics

Marcus Wei

Matilda Gothika

Matt Woods Comics



ME Unit Comics

Melanin 'N' Manga (Sheena and Inja Binja)

Memory Crypt of Castle Hills




Michael Acri - Unboxaganza

Michael Baker

Mighty Comics and Collectibles

Mighty Comics and Collectibles - Hot 10 Breakdown

Mint Hunter Comics

Miss So

Mister E. The Low Grade King

Mixed Collectors

MJZ Comics & Collectibles

Modern Comic Mayhem

Mog Park

Monday Night Raw Books - Cup O’ Comics

Moore Life and Travel

Morpheus' Multiverse



Mrs Von Hoot


Ms. Nobody

My Crappy Comics

Mystery Men

Nearing Nerdvana

Near Mint Condition

Neil Collects

Nerd Burger

Nerd Initiative

NerdTastic News

New Comic Book Day Livestream- With Indie Comics and Reviews & Surcam Stances

New Comics this week - AR Comics

Newbie Comics

Nick at Nick - Comic Culture

Nick Comic Culture

Nick Ellis

Nick Goltra

Nick's Kik & Comics

Nick's Kix & Comics ( Hands )

Nighttiger Comics


Nyobi Comics

Obito comics

Officially Unofficial Geek

Old Man Collectibles

Old Wolf65 - Train Wreck Series


One Collection Down

One Sixth Scale Man

Only The Rarest (OTR)

OnlySlabs - Rob Fat Stax/The Comic Vet

Otaku Tour Guide

Otto Talks Comics

Paul In The 619

Peter Dare

Phil’s Treehouse

Philtastic Comic and Arts

Pipoca & Nanquim - YouTube

Pocan Joe Comic Review

Polzi's Finds

Poolboy Mike McComb

Pop Comics

Pop Culture Philosophers


Pressable Defects

PrimeTime Tom's Geek Chat

Promiscuous Time Traveler

Pros and Cons

PSN Greenhulkster

Psychotronic Squirt Gun

Ragin Cajun Comics



Red Hood Comics

Reflection Comics

Regie Collects

Regie Collects Buy These Books Now

Regie Collects Comics - Hands

Regie Collects Comics Today

Reinaldo Pizzaro

Remy Q Studios

Remy's Place Saturday Night Hangout

RH Midwest Comics

Rob Fat Stax o Comix

Rob Fat Stax o Comix - Monday Mail Call

Robbie Billups - Pop Culture Philosophers

Romuel Valdivia Comic Books and Food

Rouge Trader

Rowley Zero

Rubén DaCollector

Rude Planet


SandzGroup Collectibles

Scattered Comics


Secret Galaxy

Sector 2815

Sector 2815 - Guess That Key


Sicko- Tron

Signatures Kings shorts

Silver Age Dave

Silver Haired Bronze Age Babe Comics

Simple Simon - Collectable Show and Tell



Sketch Up with Mog and Mel on The_EXP


Slim Jim Longfoot

Slim's Collection, Food & More

Son’s of Mjolnir

Southern Comic Geek

Southpaw Brad

Spec Collector

Speed Metal Comics

Spideys Powdered Tumblers

Spine Ticks

Spine Ticks Pressing

Spine Ticks - Saturday Hangout

spro’s comics

Squatchy Comics


Stand it up comics

Steve and Cimino says Boom

StickyGoose Comics

Stranger Comics

Strip Panel Naked

Super Awesome Geek Show

SuperRus 9000

Surcam Stances

Surcam Stances FOC and Chill series


Swagglehaus Comics & Games

Tales From the Flipside

Talk Comics to Me

Talking Shop on The _ EXP The Experience


Taylor Talks Comics!

Taylor Winder

Team Ohana Family

The Blerd Syndicate

The Brave and the Boys

The Captioned Life

The Comic Beast - Just the Keys series

The Comic Book Report

The Comic Collector

The Comic Pals

The Comic Press Podcast

The Comic Vet

The Comic Vet - Opening Walmart Packs

The Comic Viking

The Comics Den

The Council of Comics

The Council of Comics NEW COMIC BOOK DAY

The Everyday Non Expert

The_EXP The experience

The Geekeasy


The House of Nerd Show

The House of Stein

The Hunt (Tony Sanders)

The Illumnicasters

the immortal biggieshaq 

The Knockout by Mr. Comics 89

The Low Grades

The Neighborhood Merc

The NY Warriors Comics & Collectables

The Price Variants - Suddenly Comics

The Signature King



The Killer Comics Show

The TrollHunterjc

Thinking Critical


Tina Karanson

TM Nerdy

Tmac 101

Tom Price

Tony's Comic Spotlight - Comiverse


Toy Gains


ToyQuest101 - beard

Tradd Moore

Trade Paper Dad

Trev the Shipping Guru

Tricky Trapster

Triple G Comics

Twenty2 and Mrs.Twenty2 Mystery Unboxing

Twenty2 Comics

Twenty2 Comics - Top 10 Alternatives

Two Brothers Comics


Vancouver comic junkie

Variant Comics

Variant Ink Collectibles

Very Gary & Pressable Defects Youtube Auctions

Very Gary - 1 Year Later Series

Very Gary Comics

Wahoo Comics

Weekly Pull List - IzzyVerseNYC Comics

Weird Science Comics


Whack Comics

What's on the Comic Rack?

Wheelchair Superhero87


WhoDat Comics and Movies

Why Not Comics

last_level_comics Adylyn Rose Foundation Charity Auction

You Promised Me Comics

Your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Show

Yung Comics

Z Collects

Zach's Collections