2024 Nominated Channels & Creators

2024 Nominated Channels & Creators so far (This list will be updated periodically):

Last Updated 7/12/2024



9 Panel Grid

A Surfer

Absolute Game of Nerds

Absolute Game of Nerds: Interview series

Actual Dracula

AGU Comics

Alex the Comic Hoarder

All Sorts of Words

Ana rocks Aussieverse (interview with Ana)

Anachronic Comics

Anachronic Comics DC Watch

Anachronic Comics Espresso mail call



At Weeks End

Aussie Comic Book Collector


Aussieverse - ANA Rocks Aussieverse (Interview with upcoming Australian music powerhouse)

Aussieverse - Comics & Collectables: Investing in the modern age

Aussieverse - Last Call FOC

Aussieverse - Sharif's Custom Corner

AussieVerse (OmniBeau)

Aussieverse 4 Life episodes

Austin Lemme

Automatic Comics

Automatic Comics-Comic Book Hangout

Awesome Toy Box with Troy

Bags Boarding and BS (Trev the Shipping Guru)

Band of Brothers Auction -- Bleeker Street Comics/WhoDat Comics and Movies/Kpop_Junkie

barbarian _fungfu

BBB Hardcore Basement

Bearded Comic Bro

Bec Neptune


Ben Parker Comics

Best Hair - Bleeker St. Comics

Best hair: Sheena from Melanin n manga

Between the lines ( Rosko, TM, Phil )

Beyond Wednesdays

Bigby McFly the Comic Guy

Black comic lords

Blakk Crown Comics

Blakk Crown Comics - Weekly Comic Wrap-Up

Blame Phable and his Amazing Friends

BlamePhable and His Amazing Friends

BLC 646

Bleeker St. Comics

Bleeker Street (best hair)

Bleeker Street (Church)

Bleeker Street Comics - To Slab or not To Slab

Blood Splatter Chatter

Bobby De La Ghetto

Bone Claws Comics

BossKong @ SilverbackGraphix

Brave and the boys

Bronze Age Nerd

Bronze Age Nerd - Beard

Bronze and Modern Gods

Brother John

Bry's Comics

Bryan McClay

Bubs World

Cali Comix

California Blend

Camarade Comics

Cartoonist Kayfabe


Casually Comics

Catfan Comics Man


Cheap Comic Collector


Chris Loves Comics

Christina Payne

Cliff on Comics

CMS comic Vet


Collecting Casually

Collecting With Derrz

Colossus Collector

Colossus Collector- The Council of X

Comic Book Addicts - SVaughn82

Comic Book Cannon

Comic Book Corner 2.0

Comic Book G Spot

Comic Book Investments

Comic Book Men

Comic Book University

Comic Book Weekly

Comic Book Women

Comic Book Women on Nerdvana

Comic Cap Collectibles

Comic Code-X

Comic Collector Geek

Comic Collector Geek Monday Night Comic Hangout with Stephen Genter

Comic Collector Geek/ Allan & Steppo livestream -- Mondays & Fridays

Comic Crusaders

Comic Culture

Comic Culture - #BlamePhable and his amazing friends

Comic Culture - Nick At Nite

Comic Doctor

Comic dunes mustache

Comic Gains

Comic Haul Crew

Comic Investments

Comic Journey

Comic Journey (Hands)

Comic Pop

Comic Tom 101 + Gem Mint Top Ten

Comic Tom101

Comicbook Palace







ComicPop - Backissues

ComicPop Returns - Off the Rack Reviews

Comicpop Reviews ( ComicPop Returns )

Comics and Caviar

Comics are Dope

Comics by the bay

Comics Den - New Comic Book Day Live

Comics explained

Comics Limited

Comics of the Voice

Comics Spa (Jeff)

Comics will break your heart

Comics With Bueller






Comiverse Tony's Comic Spotlight

Comiverse/Doctor Von Hoot Dual 300 Subscriber Giveaway

CoMo Comic Books

Couchin and Slouchin with c-bizzle

Council of Comics

Council of X - Colossus Collector

Cova’s Lookout

Crafts by Bethany


Cynation Comics

Daily Comic And Collectible (Catfan Comics Man)

Dale of Suspense


Danny Poar


DC Comics Deep Dive

Dead Air Dudes Comics



Direct Edition Podcast


DJ LINX - Mystery Boxes


DJ LINX- In the Mix

Doctor Dooms Fanclub (Supreme Clientele)

Doctor Von Hoot & Mrs. Von Hoot

Doctor Von Hoot's Comic from the Spiral Dimension

Dollar Bin Bandits



DrSilverage - Comic Book Memories

Drunken Chat on Comic Crusaders

Drunken Chat on Mighty Mel V

Drunken Chat son

Economics in Comics

Economics In Comics top 10 new preorder

Eddie from the Batcave


Eman's World of Geek - A Transformer and CGC Unboxing

Eman's World of Geek - Eman

Eman's World Of Geek (Hair)

Entropy In Comics

Evil Mike

Evil's Comics

Expedition comics

Fanboy Prime

Fartist Feature ( Kpop Junki )

Favorite hair- Sheena of Melanin ‘N’ Manga

FerdBird the Nerd

FerdbirdtheNerd - Market Report

Fishcat Collectibles

FOC and Chill


Foo and squatch

Free Key Loowee

Future Past Vintage Collectables

Fuzzy Dunlop

Gary B The Casual Comic Guy

Gary B The Casual Comic Guy 10-1-1

Geek Art Attack (Triple G Comics)

Geek Out with Rosko


Gem Mint and Comic Tom Top 10

Gem Mint Collectables

Go Figure Reviews


Graphic Content (Whodat Comics & Boston Chris Comics)


Green Shirt Guy

Grey matter comics

Guess that key ( Sector 2815 )

Haq's Comics

Haul Yeah Comics

Higgy Pop Comics

Hot 10 comics of the week breakdown with mighty comics and collectibles

House of Stein

House of Stein: Hot 10 Comic Books Show

Hstat Collectables

Hydrasylum Comics

Immaculate Comics

Immortal biggieshaq

Improve Collecting Comics

In The Mix with The Illuminati

Indie Comics and Reviews

Inja and Sheena

Insomniac Comic Book Theater

Into The Comiverse

Izzy verse NYC

Izzyverse The Comic Book Weekly Pull List

J Francis Comics


Jackpot Comic Talks

Jason Parker Comics

Jay Burns

JD ragin canjun

Jena Burns

Jerry the Jitterbug Comic Book Collector

Jiggs kingdom

Joe Marcello of The Dollar Bin Bandits


John the Comic Guy

John's Comics With Kids

John's Comics with Kids - Saturday Morning Comics

John's Comics with Kids and Known Good Comics

Johnny 5Alive

Johnny 5alive & Warlord

Johns Comics With Kids

Joseph Michaels (The Adventurous Joe)

Josh’s comic books

JP's Budget Collecting

JP's Budget Collecting - Cash or Trash?

JP's Budget Collecting - Hot Comics 6 Months Later


Just Your Average Geeks

K-M.A.R.T produced by Entropy in Comics



Karen’s Pages



Keep it Thoro - @Keep_It_THORO

Keisha blerd library

Kestons Old School Comics

Key Comic Breakdown (Comic Culture)

Kickin It With Kpop - kpop_junki

Kingdom of Nerds


Kyle Northrop of The_EXP

lacrucses 1971

Last Week Today(Philtastic Comics And Art)

Legion of Comics

Legion of Comics - At weeks end

Legion's Lair (Friday Mornings) Legion of Comics

Let’s Talk About It

Lettuce Comics

Liberty Hill Comics

Linkara - Comics for the Cure

Lisa Noble

Liz Barnes

Long Story Short

Lords of the Long Box

Low grades

Lucy from Comic Book Women


Lucy Momma comics

Lunch Money Comics

M.O.N Comics

M.O.N. Comics Big Five Live

Mad Spidey's Outback

Madam Blaster



Matt Likes Comics

Matt Woods Comics

Matty Freeze




Michael Baker

Mighty Comics and Collectibles

Mike Spider Slayer (Comic Book Corner 2.0)

Mint-Hunter Comics

MJ Comix

MJ Comix Hair

MJ Comix with Sticky Goose Comics

Modern Comic Mayhem

MON Comics w/ Comic Spa

Movie madness and entertainment

MVP - Maxfield Von Priestley

Near Mint condition

Nearing Nerdvana


Neil Collects

Nerding Nervana - Thursday show

Nerdtastic News

Next Gen Collector

Nick at Nite @ComicCulture

Nick Barrucci

Nick Comic Culture

Nicks Kicks and Comics

No-Prize podcast on comic crusaders

Nocturnal Miss So

Not Near Mint


Oldwolf's Thursday Night NCBD Train Wreck


Olivia Rena

Omni X-Men - John’s Comics with Kids & Know Good Comics

OmniBeau - Aussieverse

One Collection Down


Only Slabs - Rob's Fat Stax O Comics. & The Comic Vet

Oren Phillips of The Dollar Bin Bandits

Otaku Tour Guide

Otto reviews comics

Out of the Panel Comics

Paper Chase Comics - Into the Void

Passpoint comics

Paul in the 619

PCP Best Comics of the Month

Perry Comics

Pete from Rennavision


Phil's Treehouse

Philtastic Comics and Art

Pixel Dan

Pizza Rat Reads

Pocan Joe

Pocan Joe Comic Review


Pop Comics

Pop Culture Philosophers

Pop Culture Philosophers - for best hands

Pop Culture Philosophers - Monthly Comic Review

Pop Culture Philosophers - Rockin Robbie Live

Pop Culture Philosophers -Weekly Comic Book Review

Pop Culture Philosphers - Robbie

Popa Wheelie ( Hands )

Poppa Wheelie

Pressable Defects

Pricess of Comic Gains

Producer Kyle from The_EXP best beard

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons - The Weekly Spinner Rack

Psychotropic Squirt Gun and Cheap Comic Collector

Radd Comics & Art ( Norrinradd82 )


Raph's Retro-comics

Razor Comics

Red Hood Comic

Reinaldo Pizarro aka Green Shirt Guy

Remy Q Studios


Retailer Pack Openings - The Comic Vet

Richard Westphal

Ricky from "All Sorts of Words"

Rob Fat Stax o Comics

Rob's Fat Stax - Mustache

Rob's Fat Stax - Mystery Box Unboxings

Rob's Fat Stax - Trash or Treasure $100 comic book mystery box

Robin's Buys and DIYs

Rojo Cova

Rude Planet


Ryan tran

Sal - ComicPop/ ComicPop Returns

Sal the slab guy

Salacious Rum

Sami Demonster

Sandzgroup Collectibles

Sara Shegeek

Sector 2815

sector2815 Guess That Key Show

Shartimus Prime


Sheena best hair

Show Us What You Got!

Side Quest Comics

Silverback Graphix

Simple Simon

Simple Simon - Simple Unboxings

Single Issue Steve from Aussieverse


Son of a Bruce


Speccmedia - Richie

Speed Metal Comics - Crackhead Comic Pickups

Spine Ticks

Spine Ticks Pressing

Spineticks Saturday Nights

Splash Pages

Squeaky Clean Comics

Sspec Media

Stephen Getner collcto6

Stevens toy reviews

Stevie B

Sticky Goose Comics

Still Only 35 c Merry Monday Mail Call Show

Still Only 35 Cents

Still Only 35C Deadpool and Wolverine: Key Comic Books Guide

StillOnly35c Merry Monday Mail Call Show

strange dog comic stuff

Suddenly Comics

Super slabs comics

Superpower Review

SuperRus 9000

Supreme Clientele

Surcam Stances

Surcam Stances - FOC & Chill

Surcum Stances for his Heroes Con vid




Swagglehaus comics

Swarm of comics - @SwarmofComics


Taylor Winder

Team Nerdheard

Team Ohana

Tempus From Mars


The Adventurous Joe

The Brave and the boys

The Code-X Comic Station

The Code-X Comic Station: Code-X After Dark

The Comic Family

The Comic Pals

The Comic Vet

The Comic Vet Retailer Pack Openings

The Comic Vet Walmart Packs

The Comics Den

The Council of Comics

The Council of Comics - New Keys and Hot Comics

The Council of Comics New Comic Book Day

The Council Of X

The Dollar Bin Bandits

The Exp

The Great Legend Show

The House of Stein

The Hunt ( Tony Sander )

The Immortal Biggieshaq

The JacksonRoyKirk

The Killer Comics Show

The Low Grades

The Price Variants

The Producer - The Council of Comics

The Pull List by Comics are Dope

The_EXP (The Experience)



Thinking Critical

This is my (Triple G Comics)


Tina Karanson


TM Nerdy

To Slab or not to Slab -- Bleeker Street Comics

Tony's Comic Spotlight

Top 10 Alternatives - Twenty2 Comics

Top Comics Pressing

Toy galaxy


Travis from Comics Limited

Trev The Shipping Guru

tricky trapster

Triple G Comics

Troy from Troy’s toys and collectibles

Tuesday Comic Book Women

Twenty 2 Comics: Top 10 Alternatives

Twenty Two Comics

Twenty2 Comics

Two Reel Entertainment

Uncanny d man



Up North Comics

Variant Comics

Vaulter 05


Very Gary Comics


Warlord and Johnny5

We Love Comics

Weird Science Comics

Well Boar

West Coast Davengers

Whack Comics

What’s on the comic rack?

Where’d You Get That?

White Whale Comics

WhoDat Comics

Whodat Comics and Movies

Why not comics

Worthy Ones: Comic Book Corner 2.0


X-Factor - The Comic Haul Crew

X-Men Collector Chat - Colossus Collector and Dansxmencomics